Learn Texas Holdem Poker Terminology

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Poker Terms

When you decide to play Texas Holdem online, there are a few things you should learn. So that you can see that you are going to have better chances of doing well in the game. The more you educate yourself, the better chance you will have.

One of the areas you should pay attention to is the terminology used. This is important because you need to have the thorough understanding of everything that is said. And what all of that means. So, as soon as you learn all of these terms, you may play poker for Mac without any problems.

Terms to Know

Some of the commonly used terms for online Texas Holdem are given below. Let’s see what they mean:

Action – This term refers to the bets or betting going on at the table.
All in – This is when a player puts all of the chips they have left in.
Angle – This is when a player does something that doesn’t break the rules of the game. But it is still considered to be a shady type of move.
Ante – This is a bet that is required from players intending to play in the game. However, it is used as a way to build up the pot.
Bad Beat – This is when a hand, that should have been expected to win, loses to a hand that is a long shot.
Blind – This is a bet which must be placed before the cards dealing. It is also intended to build up the pot.
Bluff – This is the act of leading the others to bet in a manner that better serves you.
Bounty – It is when you can receive money for taking another player out of the game. This is more commonly found in the online poker tournaments.
Call – This is when you match a bet.
Check – This is passing your turn to bet when there are no bets made.
Flop – This is the first three cards that are set down as the community cards.
Fold – This is when you turn in your hand and forfeit.
Kicker – This is the remaining card in the 5 card hand.
River – This is the last community card dealt.
Turn – This is the fourth card dealt following the three card flop.

What Next?

Learning these terms is a good way to start. However, there are many other areas you want to educate yourself on as well. The more you learn, the better off you become. Luckily, there is an abundance of free resources online that you can turn to for information.