There are many advantages of playing iPad poker casinos. The biggest of them is the freedom. With this great device you are free to play your favorite games anywhere you like: in a bus, in a park, at home and even at work (if you are careful, of course). Another benefit of Apple iPad is that this platform is really new, so all poker games are fresh and have nice up-to-date design.

iPad gives you a lot of advantages while playing poker games. The main ones are big screen, portability (only 1.44 pounds), long battery life, high performance and nice picture quality. The screen is probably the main reason to choose poker games on iPad. Other mobile devices yield on the issue, and sometimes you can’t even see, what’s happening in the game.

There are 2 options to play iPad Poker. The first of them is to choose an online casino that has a mobile HTML5 version and supports iPad platform. Most of these casinos offer you Hold’em, Omaha cash games. The second way to play poker online is to find a specialized web site that supports iOS. Any of these options will give you the great joy of playing favorite poker item.

Play iPad Poker Online

Poker has always ranked high in the world charts of popular gambling games. In some countries it is even legally approved as sports, which also shows its high level of popularity. With the appearance of mobile platforms poker gained even more fans. Today you can try this great card game on almost any platform.

One of the reasons of poker popularity is easy learning. Really – once you remember the rules, you will always keep them in mind. The main goal of poker is to match the best combination of cards with different values. There are many different types of poker you can play at iPad poker casinos and sites. You can play Video Poker, Omaha Poker and one of the most popular games – Texas Hold’em Poker.

Another advantage of playing poker on the web, especially with iPad, are bonuses. Most websites that you will find, suggest you to get some extra cash to make your first steps on their site. The competition on the iPad poker market is growing all the time, so you can find really intriguing offers on the web. The main types of bonuses suggested by iPad poker providers are First Deposit Bonus and Reload Bonus.

Online Gameplay of iOS

We have already noted that iPad is a very convenient platform to play online poker games. Optimal screen size allows you both enjoy the game and stay mobile. Apple iPad is a comparatively new platform, so most games for it have been developed recently. This means you will get great performance, graphics and gameplay, of course. Make sure, when you try poker on iPad, you won’t play it on other platforms – ever.

There are three most popular kinds of online poker rules you can play on your iPad. They are Video Poker, Omaha Poker and Texas Hold’em Poker. Video poker is one of the most popular poker games you can find in online casinos. It suggests you a lot of game types like Joker Poker, Deuces Wild or All American. All video poker games have interesting gameplay and can give you big winnings if you choose a correct strategy.

Omaha poker is another type of online poker. You can easily find this game for iPad. The main idea of Omaha poker is that you will use only two cards from your hand to make a good combination with communal cards. This game is very interesting, as you always have several good options, and your decision may influence the result a lot.

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular types of poker played in real casinos and poker clubs. You will also find many poker sites that offer you this game for iPad. In Texas Hold’em you will make nice matches with 2 cards in your hand and 5 communal ones. Texas Hold’em poker is played with several rivals, and the main goal of the game is to make the best match. In this game the winner takes it all.

All poker games for iPad will bring you great joy, and there are many reasons for this. You get a great platform, good performance, fresh graphics, nice screen, and many other advantages. All popular poker games for Apple iPad have great gameplay, so you surely won’t get bored while playing. Try some poker sites on iPad, and you’ll understand what we mean – this joy cannot be put into words!

Fun Mode

Most online casinos and poker sites supporting Apple iPad platform will suggest you two game modes. You can play iPad Poker in Fun Mode and for Real Money. Both these options have many advantages. If you are new to video poker, we advise you to try Fun Mode at first. In it you get a nice bunch of virtual coins that can be staked just like real money. This lets you try poker games on iPad before making a deposit.

Fun Mode is also good for trying a new type of game rules. If you didn’t practice new game rules, it is better to try them for free, and make your first mistakes without losing real money. Note that all coins in Fun Mode are virtual, so your winnings are virtual, too. To win some real cash in poker for iPad you will have to play the Real Money mode.

Real Money Challenge

Real money mode is for real poker lovers. This option allows you to feel the emotions of real poker game wherever you are – you only need an iPad for this. To play in real money mode, you will need to register at iPad casino or poker site, and make your first deposit. After this, you can make bets, risk and bluff for real cash.

The real money mode is good in several cases. You can choose it if you want to win some real cash playing your favorite card game. Another reason for playing a Real Money poker is good experience in it. If you played the fun mode a while, it’s time to convert your skills into real cash. Finally, real money poker games are perfect for those who like to risk. Try it any time when you need a dose of adrenaline.

iPad Poker Bonus Codes

Apple iPad is one of the fastest-growing mobile platforms. This is the reason why many online casinos have recently joined the fight for new players. They do everything possible to attract you, and their main instruments are bonuses. These are sum of free cash you get to try online poker on your iPad, making your first steps. Some poker providers suggest you really big sums, so do your best to find them.

There are several common types of bonuses you can get in iPad-based poker games. The majority of online gambling houses will suggest you one of the following promo types: No Deposit Bonus, First Deposit Bonus, Exclusive Bonus or Reload Bonus. The first two options let you make a good start in the sphere. The other two give you free cash regularly, but you also have to be loyal to a certain casino or poker site and comply with the terms.

Welcome Bonus Codes

Welcome bonuses are credited to you for registering at an online casino or poker site. There are 2 most common types of the latter – No Deposit Bonus and First Deposit Bonus. The former gives you a fantastic opportunity to win some cash, even without making an investment. Another one offers a nice match percent of your first deposit sum. Both promos are really amazing, so they are the most in demand propositions for newbies.

Exclusive Bonus Coupons

Many iPad casinos and poker sites award Exclusive Bonus Coupons. These are special promotions, you can find on some specialized websites with poker reviews. You can get a coupon bonus by entering a special promo code when making a deposit. Usually coupons grant you some free cash – either a certain sum, or a match % for deposit.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses allow you to stay with free cash all the time – even after registering. These promotions are awarded to you with any regular deposit. They give you a nice match percent for the deposit. Most online casinos and poker sites suggest you to get it on a regular basis – once a week, once a month, or even once a year. Don’t miss your chance to receive a nice sum for playing poker on your iPad.