Strategy for 6 Max No Limit Micro Stakes Online Poker Games (Video)

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There are lots of online poker games to try your skills. But 5 No Limit Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular games to play for cash around the world. But if you’re a beginner, then you should learn some fundamentals of the game before you take a seat at the table.

However, don’t be afraid, because the basic rules for Texas Hold’em poker are simple enough. Anyway, mastering of your poker game is the quest of a lifetime. Pick some tips for beginners and start your poker way from playing 6 max no limit (NL) micro-stakes poker.

Just because if you learn to beat the micro stakes poker, you can move onto bigger and better things. Here we’re going to share with you a general idea on how to play a solid game at micro 5 NL Hold’em. Hopefully, you can build on it and become a winning player. So, absorb all the tips and apply them!

How to Beat Micro Stakes Poker

We offer you to watch a teaching video. The action is held at the top micro-stakes Mac poker rooms – Full Tilt Poker. Here you will see with your own eyes that micro-limit online poker games are easily beatable.

As you could see, all you need is to choose the right strategy. Also note, that the video will be particularly topical for new “fish” players. Just because here you’re taught how to grab the pot in the CO (cutoff) position under the condition that it’s heads up by the turn. It’s a great opportunity to see such a winning strategy for 6 max micro stakes NL poker vividly.

Here is a few key micro limit poker tips are set out in the video above and below in the article. Just check them out and make sure to apply them.

Position is the KEY to your success

Many people reading the title probably yawn. But, anyway, it’s one of the biggest aspects and most important things that is frequently overlooked by beginners and, sometimes, even by experienced players.

Why it’s so important? Just because you will profit most from the button, cutoff position and you will lose the most from the blinds. So that, we advise you to be position oriented and you can raise or call more hands from the button than from the early position or the blinds.

All that can help you to take down more pots when you have the worst hand. Thus, as you see, acting last is a seriously big advantage. Just make sure you do it often.

Bluff is NOT your friend

Bluff is one more important thing to notice. If you remember, bluffing is a try to outplay your opponent, but when it comes to micro stakes poker games, bluffing is ineffective. It’s due to micro stakes players call too many bets.

A lot of players will call with any half decent hand and, thus, a bluff of any kind is unlikely to work. Yep. So, bet your money only if you do make a hand, but when you don’t, just let it go and wait for better cards.

Bet with strong hands, check with weak hands

Due to the previous tip calling with a strong hand only seems to be obvious and it is what does work best at the micro stakes poker games. Good news for beginners, you don’t need to be too tricky with your play. So that, if you make a good hand, then bet, otherwise – fold. Just watch the game and bet your strong hand!

Micro Limit Poker Strategy Conclusions

In conclusion, we can say that micro stakes poker is a slightly different kind of the beloved game compering to other stakes. What’s more, it’s quite beatable in case you choose the correct strategy. However, at first you need to learn some basics of poker.

And thus, as long as you play ABC poker plus learn all aforementioned and video tips, you are on your way to beating the micros. The last tip for today, such poker games are more profitable if playing at several tables at once, for example at least 2 tables at a time.

Improve your skills watching the attached video to see how the tips work in the action and pick up some tricks to win the poker game playing with micro-stakes.

At parting, we would like to say and advise you to stay tuned and get only fresh news and articles to pick up winning strategies for online poker and become a “shark”.