Tips to Win Texas Hold’em

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Hold'em Pre-Flop Strategy

Pre-flop strategy is the foundation of poker strategy. If you use a solid pre-flop strategy, you’ll have less trouble and get into less bad spot post-flop. Also learn the necessary basic rules of Texas Hold’em. That will lead to your winning much more money. As pre-flop strategy is mostly based on logic and common sense, many new players struggle for implementing it for themselves.

Solid Pre-flop Strategy

What does it mean in case you have got a solid pre-flop strategy? Does it signify that players are able to read what kind of cards they should play from a certain position? No, not really! It means that the gamblers understand a solid opening range from a certain position. On top of this, solid players understand the main thing. They have to adjust their ranges, based on players who act behind and in front of them.

Ranges’ Patterns

The following ranges should work as a solid foundation of a micro-stakes player’s pre-flop strategy. You are required to adjust it depending on the table you are playing at.

UTG – Under The Gun

88+, AQ+, AJs+

MP – Middle Position

77+, AQ+, AJs+, KQs+

CO – Cutoff

44+, AT+, A9s+, KQ+, K9s+ , QTs+, QJ+

BTN – Button

22+, A8+, A6s+, K9+, K7s+ , Q8s+, Q9o+

For a clearer view, 88+ stands for eights and better and ‘s’ letter means suited. For example, QTs + indicates hands better or exactly as QTs. Thus, you would play QTs and QTs.

BTN and CO Positions

Why are these ranges wider, when getting closer to the BTN position? Simply, the closer your position is to the BTN, the better it is. You’ve got less players to act behind and you can gain more information about their hand strength. Also, you are the last one to act post-flop. It implies your opportunity to pot-control and have a better feeling of opponents’ hand strength.

BTN and CO are two of the positions which will provide you with the most profit. They are also considered to be stealing positions. And you can play as much as 60% of your hands from CO and even 100% from BTN. All this depends on the players’ sitting in the blinds.

Playing from the Blinds

Playing from the blinds is probably the hardest part of poker. However, the game of poker wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the blinds. Why would anyone ever play anything other than AA and maybe KK if there was no money in the pot to fight for?

Why is playing from the blinds so hard? You are OOP (out of position) the whole hand. Moreover, you’ll have to act first post flop. It means you aren’t able to control the way a specific hand is played. You can neither control the pot nor get as many bets in as you want. Playing out of position sucks! Simple as that!