How to Increase Your Win Rate

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Increase Your Win Rate

Poker is a game of incomplete information, which never gets complete. However, those who know how to gather information and do it well, will do better in poker than those who don’t.

Gathering information might be boring, but it’s worth it and brings you a lot of money. Here are few tips on how to get better at gathering information and putting it to a good use!

Take Notes

Note taking is one of the most basic ways to gather information about the players at your table. Remember that each note you take will stay there and you’ll be able to view it even after a year.

Note taking function will be available at every decent poker room, if it isn’t there, you probably shouldn’t play at it.

When taking notes, don’t write brief ones like ”good player” or ”bad player”. How will this ever help you? Write an in-depth, specific ones that will later help you to understand what kind of a player your opponent is.

Use a HUD (Heads Up Display)

With the growing pace of online poker, playing without a HUD isn’t something you would like to do these days. Unlike in the past, tables are now filled with many solid ABC players, who have a good understanding of the basic poker strategy. This makes use of a HUD ”a must”.

Don’t know what a HUD is? It’s a piece of software, that collects data about players at your table and displays it as numbers right back there! It’s the most powerful tool in online poker, so if you are somewhat serious about poker, I’d advise you to get it now! The best HUD software, with many add-on functions is Hold’em Manager. You can buy and download it at

When you are starting out, I’d suggest you to set up a basic HUD, which contains of a VPIP/PFR/ 3BET/F23bet statistics. If you have no idea what these mean, you might benefit from reading our HUD & Statistics guide.

If you are playing online poker for Mac and use Macintosh as your operating system, check out, which is an alternative software, that provides a HUD.

Be Selective about the Table You Play at

If you play poker to make money, you’ll benefit from this. If you just don’t care, don’t bother reading this. As a player who is looking to make money from this game, you are constantly looking to gain an edge. What is a better way to gain an edge, than playing versus weak opponents?

Exactly! There isn’t a better way! Gone are the days, when each table consisted of several bad players. Nowadays, each table is filled with regulars, who fight for each recreational player that joins. Tableselecting is one of the keys to success in poker!

As a basic rule: don’t play at the table, if there isn’t at least one full-stacked fish at it!