How to Read Opponents in Poker

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Opponents in Poker

Best Mac poker sites made everything for you to understand games of poker as much as possible. And as you’ve already learned, poker is a game of changes.

You find out something new about your opponents in every hand. It means you constantly have to adjust the way you play against them. Once you get enough info about how your opponents play, you’ll want to remember it all the time. This is where note taking and player profiling comes into the game.

Taking Notes

Taking notes was one of the first strategy pieces of advice out there. Many live pros suggest that it’s crucial to take notes and they are correct. Take into account that this was the way before the first appearance of poker tracking software and HUD’s out there. Every time you learn something specific about your opponent, you should write it down in the poker software. As all poker clients offer a chance to commit notes to paper!

However, note taking is somewhat like an art. Don’t write stuff like ‘great player’, ‘knows how to play’ or ‘huge fish’. Instead, write down specifics of the game. Example of a good note would be a solid player but check-raises dry boards with air. Shuts it down on the turn with air and only continues with strong hands.

If you have a note like this on a particular player and this gamer check raises a dry board just to continue with a turn bet… Then, you know, the player has it! A simple sentence can help you to keep a ton of cash!

Players to Profile

This is something that will make note-taking easier. It’s pretty funny that there are a few player types in online poker. All of them are relatively easy to spot. Profiling players will help you to adjust to their ranges better. There are also a few specific things each of those player types does in post-flop.

TAG Players

These players are usually winning players. They will play a pretty straightforward style. The players of this type bet when they have it, and fold when they don’t. Such gamblers understand the differences between good and bad times to bluff. Thus they will occasionally throw in some bluffs. However, TAG players aren’t likely to do something crazy. You will certainly want to avoid these players. As you’ll never make much money out of them.

LAG Players

They are probably the hardest to play against. Moreover, such gamers are the most annoying ones to have at your table. Good LAG players are found across mid and high stakes games and tend to have the highest win-rates around. This is also one of the styles that requires great technical skills and strategical knowledge. LAG players will play twice as much pots as compared with TAGs. They will also do it aggressively and won’t give a pot away easily. Certainly avoid these types of players.

There are more players types including the ones you’d like to have at your table. We will deal with them in our poker player types article. Moreover, having learned all poker niceties, you will be able to participate online poker tournaments and feel confident there.