Poker Tournaments – What Are the Best?

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Aggressive or smart player? If to win poker you combine these both qualities, play various poker tournaments. Win everyone’s chips to enjoy the power of wise decisions and self-control.Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments are played on a single table or multiple tables. It is all about number of your rivals. You will play on one table at a time anyway. Multiple table tournaments mean that there are more than 10 players who also try to win. You can move at random to another table when more and more players lose everything.

To win a LOT of money for small buy-in. Isn’t it a dream of every decent poker player? For example, you want to join the poker tournament with a $10.00 + $.10 buy in. It means that $10.00 is for the tournament prize pool while $.10 is the entry fee that go to the casino that host the tournament. Usually, host takes 10% of the prize pool fee.

To add diversity into your life, you can choose among the following poker tournaments types.

Sit & Go Tournaments

  • It is the best choice to improve your skills.
  • With small buy-in that can be $1.00 you can win decent money.
  • This is one table tournament.
  • Join the table with a small number of players and play till one person gets all the chips.
  • Seems to be simple, yeah? And it really is with 30-45 minutes to win all prizes. It is an average time the game lasts.

Freeroll Tournaments

  • Free to join (just register in time to take your chances)
  • Multi table tournaments as a rule
  • You will compete with 500-2000 players or so
  • Sometimes special coupon required. Play “ranked” hands to win it and join Freeroll with a prize pool of $500 or more
  • Freerolls can last 2-4 hours. So, take your time to win
  • Sometimes you can win entries to bigger tournaments

Guaranteed Tournaments

Poker Tournaments Types

  • Prize pool is guaranteed with a set minimum amount. It means that the prize pool for $1,000 Guaranteed Tournament will be $1,000 minimum
  • Buy-In structure vary for different tourneys. You can find such low as $1.00 + $.10
  • 50 players is minimum to start and 1,000 players is maximum for these tournaments
  • The amount of time the tournament is played depends on the number of entries
  • Rebuys are usually not allowed
  • Guaranteed tournaments can be called the best to buy into. With the prize pool of $1,000 guaranteed for one you can win buying just $10 or so
  • The fewer players in the game, the better for you whatever level you achieve. For example, $1,000 Guaranteed Tournament pays $300 for the first place that is good pay-off for $4.00+$.40 entry fee.

FreezeOut Tournaments

  • No re-buys or add-ons allowed
  • Just play with the chips you started
  • The games ends for you when all chips are lost

Re-Buy/Add-On Tournaments

Poker Tournaments Tips to Choose

  • Re-Buy is the opportunity to buy extra chips (only allowed when you lost all)
  • Add-On allows you to buy additional chips (even if you still have chips)
  • You can buy only to achieve the same amount of chips you started the tournament with
  • Depending on poker tournament type you can count on single or multiple re-buys
  • Time is your limit to re-buy. Usually, re-buys are not allowed after an hour
  • Big pay offs is usual this for Re-Buy Tournaments. Extra chips bought, extra cash added to the prize pool
  • It is all about hazard. And who won’t risk with such a great advantage to re-buy chips?

Satellite Tournaments

  • No actual money. Entries to large/expensive/exclusive tournaments – this is your prize
  • Single or multi table tournaments
  • Free entry, small entry ($1.00 + $.10) or entry fees equal to hundreds of dollars
  • Why join it? It is your way to spend a small amount of money to enter really cool tournament with breathtaking prize pool and too-great-to-afford entry fee

Tournaments is a good chance to compete with other players. You all have the same amount of chips. Just rely on your skills to win. Today you can select play any poker software in particular Lion OS, iOS, etc. Mac poker sites, iPad and iPhone are available on our site as well.

You have chance to win great sums spending little. There is only initial buy-in to lose. Moreover, with poker tournaments if you lose a hand, you always can win your chips back. In real poker game, lose chips, lose real money. End of the game.