Table Selection Advice

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Table Selection

If you play online poker for Mac to have fun – that’s alright. However, there are many people out there looking for the extra income or even try to make poker their main income. The second type of such players should really pay attention to this article.

If you play poker to make money, you have to treat it like a job. Poker is a game of real human beings. Thus there will always be worse and better players. There is no reason to play against good players, if you are here to make money.

Some players will tell you that it’s good as you will get better etc. That’s plain B.S., excuse the expression. Eager to make as much money as possible? Then search for bad players and play against them. In poker there’s a thing called table-selection. This term refers to players being selective about the games they play.

How to Find a Solid Table

The days were gone long ago when you could sit down at random tables, and have 1 decent player and several bad players. You’ll be lucky to have 1 bad player at the table these days. This is exactly why you have to table-select!

While table-selection isn’t something hard to master, some people still feel too lazy to do it and just tend to jump in the first game available.

The two basic ways to find a solid table are very obvious. Just use the poker lobby. Yeah, all poker clients give information about each table. This information includes players/flop, hands/hour, average pot and sometimes a little bit more.

Players/Flop statistics show you a percentage of how often the flop gets seen. Good tables usually feature a players/flop of above 20%. If you are really lucky, you might find tables with as high as 40% players/flop stat.

Statistics to Help

Average Pot shows you the average pot size at the particular table. Obviously, the higher the average pot is, the better it is. High average pot indicates that there is action at the table. If the players/flop and this stat are both high, it’s almost guaranteed to have a good table for playing. A decent average pot rate is between 10-15bb for each stake level.

Some of more advanced poker sites like PokerStars offer colour coding. You can mark the good players with red colour and the bad ones with a green one. Once you click on a table, you can see the nicknames of players who gamble and colour coding on the top! This is certainly a great feature.

If you are really serious, you can also use extra software for table-selecting. It will scan the tables and find the best ones automatically. Examples include Table Scanner, Spade Eye and others.